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Whether you are in need of a Myrtle Beach DUI attorney, seeking an attorney in North Myrtle Beach experienced in defending a simple possession of marijuana charge, seeking to recover a large settlement or award from a negligent party for injuries you sustained, or are seeking an experienced Conway attorney to gain custody of your child to better their life, Alcohol and HandcuffsDaniel A. Selwa, II, is the lawyer to call.  It is important to have an attorney you can trust to guide you through the legal process and protect your rights.  If you are visiting on vacation, passing through our area, or are a local needing help with your legal problem, you can rely on the law firm of Daniel A. Selwa, II, Attorney At Law, L.L.C. to meet and exceed your needs.

Since opening his practice, Daniel Selwa has dedicated his legal knowledge and skill to achieving favorable outcomes for his clients.  With 10+ years experience, his legal representation and experience has sustained a clientele, which has grown simply by word of mouth and referrals.  Daniel believes reputation is one of the most important aspects of representation and strives for excellence in achieving results for his clients.  He has a very strong belief that results speak volumes and good results foster a desire for those skills, not how much time one spends attempting to make it appear that way.  Your choice of an attorney should be only after considering all your options.  Mr. Selwa guarantees a full analysis of your legal situation.

Criminal Law

If you have been charged with a crime, Daniel A. Selwa, II, will discuss your case with you in depth and at length, so that you are fully informed of the nature of the charges against you, the potential prison time and/or fine associated with each charge, and the potential outcome of your specific case.  A full analysis of your legal situation is the only way to fully appreciate and calculate your next step with any criminal charge.  Daniel Selwa will always aggressively fight to protect your rights.  The best scenario for any criminal charge is its dismissal and your acquittal.  Let us help you achieve this goal.

Personal Injury

If you have been injured by another party due to their negligence, Daniel Selwa is here to help you through this tough time and fight for you in the prosecution of your claim.  Nothing can fix what happened to you, but the law has provided that money is the most appropriate remedy in these cases.  Daniel Selwa fights to get you the money you deserve.  Mr. Selwa will coordinate with your doctors, not only to collect relevant information, but also to prevent further damage to such things as your credit, your good name, and ultimately your quality of life because of any unpaid medical bills as a result of this negligence.  Daniel Selwa, along with his experienced staff, will fight to get you what you deserve.  Daniel A. Selwa, II, has experience dealing with insurance adjusters and is an experienced negotiator ready to fight for you.  Call Daniel A. Selwa, II, for a free consultation on your personal injury needs.

FFamily Law Gavelamily Law

An attorney practicing in Family Court must be compassionate, patient, reasonable, and aggressive in many situations.  A good attorney in this area must possess and exhibit these attributes daily and must be able to weather the stress and pressure of performing under those circumstances.  Many attorneys will avoid this area of law at all costs.  Daniel A. Selwa, II, is not one of those attorneys.  When your family law issues deserve aggressive attention, you need an experienced attorney to fight for you.  If you are seeking representation in family court, you Daniel A. Selwa, II.

At the law firm of Daniel A. Selwa, II, Attorney At Law, L.L.C., clients are treated with compassion in assessing their legal needs.  Your family law matter may require the coordination of a team of individuals to accomplish the results you wish to attain.  This includes but is not limited to experts such as investigators, mental health professionals, property experts, and financial experts.  When you meet with Daniel Selwa, your situation will be assessed and you will be fully informed of the projected costs involved as well as given a realistic expectation regarding the outcome of your case.  Contact Daniel Selwa today for a consultation.

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