Category: Murder / Homicide

Horry County Murder Conviction Affirmed

Last week, the South Carolina Supreme Court upheld an Horry County murder conviction based on accomplice liability or “the hand of one is the hand of all.” Although Kareem Harry did not pull the trigger, he was nevertheless convicted as an accomplice because, according to the facts as viewed in the light most favorable to [..]

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Cross Examination Using Mental Health Records

Does the defense have the right to cross-examine a state’s witness with their mental health records? It depends. In State v. Blackwell, a death penalty appeal decided by the South Carolina Supreme Court last week, the Court directly addressed this issue for the first time. The Court’s opinion contained a misplaced emphasis on statutory protections [..]

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Stone v. State – PCR – Death Penalty Affirmed

In Stone v. State, four of five S.C. Supreme Court justices affirmed Stone’s death sentence after approving testimony by a surviving widow that she attempted suicide when the Supreme Court had previously overturned Stone’s death sentence and after finding that the jury was never informed that Stone suffered from organic brain damage and intellectual impairment. [..]

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