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What is Wrong With Michelle Carter’s Conviction?

Everything. What the girl did was unthinkable and, from someone who has two small children, horrifying. But the facts do not fit the crime that she was charged with, either – the charges, the prosecution, the trial, the conviction were all wrong. Furthermore, the fact that the girl was tried by a juvenile court judge [..]

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To Testify or Not to Testify

The question of whether a defendant in a criminal trial should testify is complex and the answer depends on many different variables. Most criminal defense lawyers will say that the defendant should not testify as a general rule. Some say that the defendant should always testify as a general rule. There are valid reasons for [..]

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Police Body Cameras in South Carolina

Last year South Carolina passed a law that requires law enforcement throughout the state to wear body cameras, subject to guidelines, policies and procedures that had not yet been drafted at the time, and subject to funding for each agency.  The law also makes recordings from the body cameras exempt from Freedom of Information Act [..]

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