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Myrtle Beach Attorney Daniel Selwa IIDaniel Selwa was born and raised in Conway, South Carolina. His family has established deep roots within the community, with his Mother having taught kindergarten locally for 30+ years and his Father having taught as a Professor at Coastal Carolina University for 40+ years. Between his two parents, they have touched the lives of many people throughout the Grand Strand and surrounding areas and Daniel Selwa, II, hopes to do the same in the profession of law. Mr. Selwa attended Coastal Carolina University and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and attended Mississippi College School of Law where he received his Juris Doctorate (Law Degree). Daniel A. Selwa, II, was admitted to practice in South Carolina in 2004 and is certified to handle cases in front of any Court within the geographic boundaries of South Carolina, including all municipal, magistrate, State, Federal, and Appellate level courts as well as in the Supreme Court of South Carolina. Daniel is married to his wife Jolene and they live in Surfside Beach, South Carolina.

Daniel A. Selwa, II, spent the beginning of his law career exploring all areas of practice and even spent a short period with the Fifteenth Circuit Solicitor’s Office in Georgetown County. Having experienced many different areas of law, over the years, he has refined his practice areas to those for which he excelled. Daniel Selwa now focuses his practice to include criminal defense, family law, and personal injury. Mr. Selwa employs an experienced staff to accommodate the needs of these different areas and in assisting him in his representation of his clients. However, Daniel Selwa handles each and every case and does not employ outside counsel to handle matters. Mr. Selwa will always be your personal attorney in any matter you hire the firm to handle.

Myrtle Beach, SC Attorney Daniel A. Selwa, IIDaniel A. Selwa, II, has seen the practice of law change over the years and wishes to make an impact on the public’s perception of the legal community. Many years ago, Daniel was posed with a very simple but deeply intriguing question by friend. That individual asked him to define intelligence. Blindly answering the question, he came to realize that the definition of intelligence was not what he thought it was, but rather it was the ability to adapt, which at a very basic level is how human beings survive on a daily basis. He has applied this to his practice of law and in our new age of immediate knowledge and continuous connectivity, Mr. Selwa is dedicated to honesty with his clients, integrity in the furtherance of the legal profession and his client’s needs, and service for the benefit of his clients in helping them meet their goals as a result of his representation.

Call, email, or message Daniel Selwa today for a free consultation on your legal questions. You are guaranteed an honest assessment free from empty promises of unrealistic results with demands of outrageous fees. We all have a choice and we must all answer for those choices. It is only after being fully informed, shall we act in the furtherance of our needs. Daniel A. Selwa, II, is available to help you meet those legal needs.