What Happens After a DUI in Myrtle Beach, SC?

Whether you were intoxicated or not, a DUI in Myrtle Beach can be a traumatic experience – what happens next?

Police begin collecting evidence to use against you from the moment their blue lights turn on:

  • The entire traffic stop is video-recorded;
  • The officer engaged you in conversation, asking questions about how much you’ve had to drink;
  • The officer asked you to do field sobriety tests on the roadside – also video-recorded;
  • After handcuffing you and placing you in the back of the patrol car, the officer put a camera on you again, to record any statements that you make and to later show how you “look drunk;” and
  • As soon as you arrive at the station, the officer is asking you to blow into a breathalyzer machine.

After you’ve been booked, spent a night in a cold jail cell with a few hardened criminals, and then released the next morning, what happens next?

Get a SC DUI Lawyer in Myrtle Beach Immediately

The state is building their case against you, and, if this is a first-offense DUI in Myrtle Beach magistrate or municipal court, they have already given you a court date that might be only a few weeks away…

Your Myrtle Beach DUI lawyer needs to talk to you as soon as possible to:

  • Learn the facts of your case;
  • Request a jury trial so you will not be required to appear on your initial court date;
  • Request all evidence from the state that they will use against you;
  • Review the Datamaster results;
  • Request an implied consent hearing so you do not lose your driver’s license;
  • Do an independent investigation, including locating favorable witnesses; and
  • Gather evidence that the state will not turn over including the maintenance records and reports on the breathalyzer machine you were tested on.

Will My DUI in Myrtle Beach Go to Trial?

It might, but most do not go to trial. We will:

  • Investigate and prepare your case for trial;
  • Negotiate to get your case dismissed before trial when the officer did not follow the requirements of SC’s DUI laws;
  • If you are in danger of being convicted, negotiate a non-DUI resolution whenever possible and when you agree; and
  • Try your case to a jury of 12 Horry County citizens when the prosecution does not dismiss your case or offer a resolution you can agree to.

Although most cases do not end up in a jury trial, there is no “preparing a case for a guilty plea.” If your attorney does not investigate and prepare your case for trial, they have no ammunition to negotiate an agreement with the state or to get your case dismissed. Every case must be prepared as if it will be a trial, and that is the only way to get the best possible result for our clients.

SC Criminal Defense Lawyer – DUI in Myrtle Beach

If you have been arrested and charged with DUI in Myrtle Beach, SC, do not delay – call SC DUI defense attorney Daniel Selwa now at (843) 492-5449 or contact us through our website to speak with a DUI defense lawyer today.

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