How Long Will a DUI Conviction Stay on My SC Driving Record?

If you are convicted of DUI in South Carolina, it will follow you around for the rest of your life. A DUI conviction cannot be expunged.

As long as you don’t get another DUI, your insurance premiums will eventually go down. Your driving record will no longer reflect the DUI after 10 years.

But it will always show up on a criminal background check.

The only way to avoid this is to not get convicted of DUI.

How Can I Avoid A SC DUI Conviction?

The best way to avoid being convicted is to call your Myrtle Beach DUI attorney immediately.

Your license may already be suspended, and you may have been intimidated by the arresting officer and a night spent in jail. But, don’t give up hope – DUI charges get dismissed or reduced more often than you probably realize.

How Can My DUI Lawyer Help?

Police are required to follow strict procedures when making a DUI arrest. Your attorney will question the legitimacy of every move the officer made. We will question whether the officer had probable cause to pull you over. If they didn’t, the charges could be dismissed.

We will make sure the arresting officer or the test administrator followed the mandatory provisions in the state’s DUI and implied consent laws. If they didn’t, your case may be dismissed.

We will make sure the officer turned on his camera at the proper time, and that all tests were recorded as required by SC DUI laws. If not, your case may be dismissed.

We will make sure any field sobriety tests, breath tests, or blood tests were administered properly and in compliance with SLED policy. If they were not, the judge may suppress the evidence, which could result in the charges being dismissed or a favorable outcome if the case goes to trial.

What if DUI Evidence is Suppressed?

Even if your case is not dismissed, getting evidence suppressed can significantly increase your chances of winning at trial.

For example, if you were charged with DUAC (driving with an unlawful alcohol concentration), and if your breath test results show a blood alcohol content of .08 or higher, the state needs no other evidence to prove that you were driving while intoxicated – suppression takes away the most critical piece of the state’s evidence.

Can DUI Charges Be Reduced in SC?

Depending on the strength of their case, your prosecutor may agree to reduce (rewrite) your DUI offense to a non-DUI traffic offense.

That’s a lot better than DUI but be aware that reckless driving is a 6-point violation, and if you get two within a three-year period your license will be suspended. If you don’t live in South Carolina, it could be even worse – some states will suspend your license for just one reckless driving conviction in any state.

Can I Get PTI for a DUI Charge in Myrtle Beach?

If you’re facing a DUI charge, you are not eligible for pre-trial intervention (PTI). But, in some cases, your prosecutor may agree to rewrite the DUI offense to reckless driving and refer the reckless driving charge to PTI. If you complete the program, your charges will be dismissed and your record expunged.

Myrtle Beach DUI Defense Lawyer

If you’ve been charged with DUI, DUAC, or felony DUI in the Myrtle Beach, Conway, or Georgetown areas, call Myrtle Beach DUI defense lawyer Daniel Selwa at (843) 492-5449 or fill out our online contact form to set up a free consultation.

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