Horry County’s Hookers, Heroin, and Homelessness

An article from the Sun News today highlights Myrtle Beach’s growing problem of homelessness, heroin addiction, and prostitution that is on display every day in downtown Myrtle Beach.

Rampant Vagrancy, Open Drug Use and Prostitution

Business owners and residents near the area of 3rd Avenue South in Myrtle Beach tell stories of rampant vagrancy, open drug use and prostitution around homes and businesses including:

  • People lying on porches of local businesses, sometimes passed out.
  • Landscapers quitting work because of thefts from their vehicles.
  • A business owner posted a video on Facebook of a man who appeared to be OD’ing on drugs lying in a yard.
  • People staggering on the sidewalks and streets.
  • A business owner had to buy shingles for his roof twice because the first batch was stolen just hours after it was delivered.
  • Pill bottles, needles, condom wrappers, cigarette butts, empty beer cans, and human excrement littering empty lots in the area.

“People are just not even discreet about their activity anymore. They do it right out in the open in broad daylight,” a local business owner says.

The Jurisdictional Doughnut Hole

Part of the land in the area of 3rd Avenue South is a 5-acre “doughnut hole,” or a piece of Horry County surrounded by the City of Myrtle Beach.
What this means is that the area may not be targeted by regular patrols of City of Myrtle Beach police because it is not within their jurisdiction. At the same time, it may not be a regular target of Horry County Police patrols because, although it is within their jurisdiction, it is surrounded by the City of Myrtle Beach.
Horry County Police Department says that their officers do “make a conscious effort to patrol that area… on a consistent and intentional basis.”

Despite the complaints, videos, and photographs of rampant drug use, prostitution, and homelessness in the area, the Horry County Police Department spokesperson says, “Our numbers are not showing that area to be a high crime community with a large volume of calls for service,” and suggests that the Sun News call the Myrtle Beach Police Department…

Myrtle Beach Criminal Defense Lawyer

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