Myrtle Beach DUI News

A Conway police officer was arrested earlier this month for a DUI in Myrtle Beach. He was allegedly driving 31 mph over the speed limit on Kings Highway. Conway police department says that the officer has been placed on administrative leave without pay. You’ve got to wonder why an officer is placed on leave without pay for a DUI, but when they kill a person they are usually placed on leave with pay?

One of the organizers of the Carolina Country Music Festival was charged with DUI earlier this year in Myrtle Beach.

You can find a list of recent Horry County DUI checkpoints here.

A woman was charged with felony DUI with death in Myrtle Beach following an accident on Joe White Blvd that killed one person and injured two others. The defendant told the police that she had been huffing dust cleaner, had just bought more dust cleaner, and that she had also taken methadone at a clinic before driving. She had been charged with driving on a suspended license just a few weeks before the crash.

Myrtle Beach Police Department won the “agency of the year” award this year for making 401 DUI arrests.

Our local Highway Patrol Troop 5 (which includes Horry, Georgetown, Marion, and other counties) won the “Highway Patrol troop of the year” award this year for making 2695 DUI arrests.

In both cases, the awards are based on the number of DUI arrests made. The quality of the arrests do not matter for purposes of the competition. An arrest of a drunk driver who is convicted with solid evidence counts just the same as arrests of innocent persons with no credible evidence…

MADD thinks that South Carolina’s DUI laws are too lenient. Of course they do – that is how they get paid… here is an article outlining how MADD is a non-profit scam.

MADD now spends nearly two thirds of the money it brings in on paying its leaders and paying for advertising to get more donations. Their initial primary purpose, educating the public about the potential dangers of drunk driving, has been accomplished. People are as aware of that as they are the risks of smoking.

Our police are cashing in through MADD, too. Many of the DUI checkpoints we see are paid for by MADD. The cops are paid overtime to run them. They happily do so, even though it has been proven that they catch more drunk drivers with the same number of cops on patrol, rather than standing around a checkpoint.

DUIs on mopeds are still not a thing until November of next year

Stay safe, and don’t drink and drive. If you are charged with a DUI in the Myrtle Beach area, call us to find out how we can help.


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